Friday, October 31, 2014

Bold Accent Wall

A little while back I shared my craving for bold dark accent wall. In the middle of my chaos, sometimes you just have to do something different, walk away from all the current business you are swamped in and do something fresh. I showed a sneak peak of my updated home office space yesterday on Instagram, and I'm here to give you all the details today!

The last time you saw my home office space it looked like this. I think though in order to have a work space that is inspiring to you, it has to reflect what is currently inspiring you. Just because it's an office is no reason it should lack in design, and not be pleasing to the eye. In fact,
it may inspire you to want to come in, be productive, and stay a little longer.
Having a comfortable work space just means great productivity in my mind.

I am inspired by lovely spaces, so when I go to create a space for my clients, I need to be in an equally inspiring space. I fill my office space with all of the things that are currently inspiring me the most. Textures, patterns, accents they all play a part.

Painting the wall black (Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams part of Pottery Barns new paint color line) was the first step to creating my inspiring the space. Then I brought my favorite pieces back in. My white desk (an old Target find), my chippy architectural wood salvage piece, my diy linen memo board. 

 Bringing in personal pieces and things I love most help the space truly reflect me. White framed pictures of my babies keeps them close to my heart while I'm working away. 

Some other favorite pieces I bring in that inspire me most and keep creativity flowing are favorite fabric and paint swatches, an inspiration photo of an office organization, and of course my favorite Lindsay Letters "Creativity" print. It inspires me, it stirs my soul, and keeps me on track.

Next are the extra pieces that splash my design love throughout the space.
My diy leaf wreath, a card stock pendant flag banner (Hobby Lobby), even down to the calendar and planner (Target), they all reflect my style and taste.

The added decor, makes work feel less like work and more like fun, which who am I kidding I love what I do. Wework is another company that feels the same way I do about this. Their locations are so inspiring to work in, and they bring forth not only functional work spaces but inspiring environments. Inspiring others to Love the Space the Live in, is not only my motto, but my passion. 
I think we all know how much I love stripes, so that was a no brainer. The curtains I made, but the lovely striped pillow is from Shabby By Melissa on Etsy, probably one of my most favorites! 
The table lamp is part of Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart, yes walmart, and the cute little metal birds behind it are from Pottery Barn kids.

At first glance you wouldn't think of maybe bringing all of these elements together, but if you use things you truly love, you are bound to love your space. And right now I am loving this space.

Don't forget this monday starts my week long of Thanksgiving Tables, with a grand finale on Friday with 13 of my favorite blogging friends. Make sure you come back on monday for the first table!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Rug in the Living Room

Not too long after I shared our Fall Home Tour with you, I finally decided on a rug for our living room. Back in the beginning of the year I got rid of our navy trellis rug, in search of something more neutral. We temporarily had an old navy and white striped rug in here, but it was too small for the space. I always loved the natural jute rugs, but there are so many different ones to choose from. 

I love the texture it adds to the space. Neutral but not washed out by the rest of the rooms light colors. 

Finding the right rug size was tricky. I've had everything from a 4X6, then jumped up to an 8X10, then back down to a 5X7, which has helped me realize that a 5X7 or smaller, is just too small. And an 8X10 is just too big. It was basically like have wall to wall carpet. And while I love being able to see our hardwood floors, I still want the rug to be able to fit under the furniture and ground the space by covering enough space around the coffee table as well.

I did lots of searching, lots of review reading, lots of comparison, but in the end Rugs USA met all my needs. The right size, the right reviews, and with their discounts the right price. A big concern with jute rugs is how soft will it be. I knew that if I spent more, the quality would be higher, more likely softer, but everyone kept commenting on this one from Rugs USA with how soft it was, and so comfortable, and they were so right!

It's so soft and plush, and the hubby really likes it too, which is the cherry on the top! Of course it fits right in with our fall decor, but I'm anxious to see how it looks after the holidays when the room returns to it's normal neutral state. 

Don't forget to come back everyday next week for a different Thanksgiving Table decor idea. I also have a great group of friends joining me on Friday for the Grand Finale, where each person will share their thanksgiving table. Sounds fun, right?!?!

*Please note that this post was NOT sponsored by Rugs USA. I purchased the rug all on my own, but loved it so much, I wanted you to know!*

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's Underfoot (New Rug Pads)

*I have partnered with Rug Pad Corner for this post, however all opinions are my own.*

Hi Friends! I'm stopping in today to share with you some fabulous new products we have in our home. And after seeing the quality, and feeling the effects for a few weeks now, I'm honestly kicking myself for not doing something about it sooner. You may already know this, but we live in an old Farmhouse, an 1841 Farmhouse. We have original hardwood floors, that were professionally refinished just before we moved in, and I always get compliments on how shiny and beautiful they are, sadly since we didn't do them or hire it out, I have no idea what they used. But they are gorgeous. One of the big selling factors for us of our house. As much as I love them, they get extremely cold during the winter in this drafty old house, which caused me to do quite a bit of hunting for a good rug. No matter what I seemed to try for a rug it still didn't quite cut it, that is until we recently put rug pads down underneath our rugs. What a HUGE difference it made.

I finally found the rug I was looking for, and I will share more on that find soon, however the game changer for me were these rug pads from Rug Pad Corner.

They are 100% natural, made in the USA, and they donate to charities with every purchase. With how impressed I was by this company, I was even more impressed with their customer service. To me that's huge. That says whether you will buy from them again or not, right?!?! In a world full of automated services, it was so refreshing to have a real person to not only assist me, but guide me through my decision.

My only knowledge of rug pads were what I've seen in the rug aisles at Target or Walmart, so you can imagine my surprise when within a few days these showed up on my doorstep and were top notch in quality. You can see in the photo above the thickness of the pad, and not only do they add comfort to the rug, they protect my beautiful original hardwood floors.

It truly has brought the cozy factor up in our living room, and my kids squeal with delight on how squishy the rug is now, and it's so soft they love lounging around on the floor.

With a new rug in the living room, I moved the temporary one that was there up to my sons new room. We recently split the kids into having their own rooms, and his doesn't have carpet. Since that rug is almost 10 years old, it's certainly had its wear-n-tear, but I feel so much better about it now, 
knowing there is a rug pad underneath.

With cold winter mornings, it would be so hard to get out of bed onto a cold wood floor, but with the new rug pads underneath they have completely changed that, and enhanced the rug so I think we can get a few more years out of it.

Instead of buying pre-cut cheap rug pads from the stores I mentioned earlier, Rug Pad Corner asked me what the sizes of my rugs were and custom cut the pads to fit perfectly underneath. You would think that would slow down the process, and they might want to cut that corner and pre-cut them to save time. I still received my rug pads within days of giving them my rug sizes, and they even checked in to make sure I received everything ok.

The top of each pad acts as velcro to your rug and keeps it perfectly in place, while the bottom has the perfect no slip grip. When talking with a friend about my new rug pads I commented on how it's so easy to boast about good product!! I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for, and that quality will outshine every time. 

Not only do I feel our rugs will last longer with wear-n-tear, but so will our floors. 

Want to see what some of my friends had to say about their rug pads?
Check them out here and here.

Wondering why you should consider a rug pad from Rug Pad corner?? I found this info extremely helpful, and I will never go without them again. The comfort alone was enough for me, but added benefits of the rug pads make it totally worth it!

In the market for some rug pads yourself?? Rug Pad Corner is offering 15% off towards the purchase of your rug pads, simply enter the discount code REVIEW15.

*Disclosure - I received these rug pads from Rug Pad Corner in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. I love this product and really think you will too.*

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gray Washed Dresser Reveal

Happy Monday Friends!! I shared a sneak peak on Instagram over the weekend of the makeover our dresser in the dining room got, and I'm so excited to be revealing it today with you!

Here are a few pictures to show you what it looked like before. This dresser sits on the back wall of our dining room right before you enter the kitchen, and houses all of my serve ware dishes, seasonal candles, and the top drawer is strictly my junk drawer! Yes I know you were probably curious if I had one, and now you know where.

And here is what it looked like last fall, in our dining room when we still had our black table. 

I had always gone back and forth with giving it a makeover, but could never decide on if I wanted to paint it, and then what color, or if I wanted to sand it down and refinish it. The piece is solid wood, and was part of my mothers original bedroom set. It got it's first makeover pre-blogging days about 9 years ago, and the hubby had his work cut out for him. Sanding down lots of layers, and removing lion faced hardware and tacky trim detail. We cleaned it up, and then stained it black, but like I said it was a long time ago, and once we built our new Farmhouse Table, my wheels started turning on transforming this piece as well. 

I finally decided that, while there were so many options, I always love the gray washed look, or weathered oak finish that you see in Restoration Hardware. So while my budget couldn't allow one of their pieces, I set out to get my own look. I started by sanding this piece down until all the black was gone. Then I gave it a coat of Minwax Special Walnut.

Once my stain was completely dry, I lightly sanded it and then applied a coat of Rust-oleum Sunbleached.


It was just the change I was hoping for, and I love how it feels in the space now.  You will get to see how it looks in our dining room with the entire view, during my week of Thanksgiving Tables November 3-7. I've been busy working away creating 5, very different, tablescapes to share with all of you, and I hope you will join me and some of my favorite blogging friends. Until then, you can always catch up with me on the latest on Instagram (roomsforrent).