Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Wood Bead Strands

Today I'm going to share with you how I made the wooden bead strand you saw from our Printer's Cabinet reveal post last week! I was in love with Pottery Barns version, but was envisioning something a little more drift wood looking.
via : Pottery Barn
via : Pottery Barn
I picked up some bags of wooden beads from Hobby Lobby, from their "wood" aisle where they have the bird houses and other wooden things for crafts. They were about $4 a bag. You will need string and a drill with attached drill bit. 

I began by drilling holes in all of the wooden beads. I had 4 bags, 2 of each size, and it took me about an hour.

I chose a small drill bit, which meant your average twine wouldn't fit through the drilled holes, so I used fishing line to string together all the beads. 

Once I was finished stringing all the beads together, I tied them together like a necklace, and you're done!

It added the perfect touch of texture I was going for. The wooden beads are unfinished wood, so I had debated dropping them in some stain first, or throwing some white paint on them.

But for now they sit unfinished, and I like the raw wood look that they bring. I even had a few extra pieces that I can make into some jewelry, so that was an added bonus! Hope you have a great day, and enjoy creating something today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Inspiration

It's no secret that this winter has seemed a bit longer than usual! I will admit it, here in New England we are familiar with winter, bitter temps, lots of snow, and drastic changes in the weather! I'm not going to lie though, I was a bit surprised to wake up this morning and see a fresh coating of snow on the ground, and the kids exclaiming that Spring is never going to come!! And although it certainly feels that way, I know it's right around the corner. So today, while spring seems to be on pause, I am day-dreaming of beautiful outdoor spaces like these.

via : New England Home

via : Country Living

via: BH&G

via : Country Living

via : BH&G

Last summer we finally got around to planting some flowers around here, including a row of limelight hydrangeas to create a lush hedge, like in the picture above, and I can't wait for these babies to start popping up! Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beneath My Heart *News*

Hi guys!! Today I'm sharing again over at Beneath My Heart!! I loved being able to share over there a few weeks ago, so you can imagine my excitement when Traci invited me to be a contributor for her and her beautiful blog! I'm thrilled to be joining up with her, today I'm sharing a bit more on how you can transform a room into a room that you will love. Won't you join me over there, for some tips and ideas on what you can do today to get started!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Printer's Cabinet

If you follow me on Instagram, than you have already gotten to see a few sneak peeks of our DIY printers cabinet tv unit. Allow me to introduce you to a corner of our living room that you haven't seen much of before. You've seen it here, and I loved our previous tv unit, mostly because it hid the tv, but it was very deep, and just too big for the space. Then I found plans for this piece (here), and I was in love!
If you click the link above, Ana White gives great furniture plans to build this yourself, however I will say for those of you wondering "If you could tackle a project like this?", make sure you have the right tools. I would not attempt it if I didn't have all the tools she lists to complete it. (We also came across a few errors with the wood sizes listed, and we also added more shelves than she listed).

I really wanted this piece to have the same look and finish that you would find in Restoration Hardware. To accomplish that weathered wood finish, I first rubbed Minwax "Special Walnut" over the entire piece. Once that had completely soaked in, I rubbed a light coat of Rustoleum "Weathered Grey" over the entire piece. Basically rubbing it off once I rubbed it on, because I didn't want to cover up the wood tone underneath.

To complete the vintage Printers Cabinet look, I really wanted the hardware to resemble something that you would have seen back when the piece was made. I was in search for the perfect vintage cabinet pulls. However finding more than 4 of the same style is not that easy.

These gorgeous pulls came from DLawless Hardware. They are described as a "heavy antique iron pull" and that was exactly what I was looking for. They are even more stunning in person. They are nice and heavy, like the quality you would find from vintage pieces, and have the perfect antique look to them.

I was so impressed with them when I received them, they are larger than anything I've seen at the local hardware store. And I couldn't wait to get them installed!

I'm not quite done with the gallery wall behind the tv, I have a few more pieces left to hang, but couldn't wait to show you guys :)

One of my favorite features about this whole furniture build, is it gives the illusion of multiple drawers, like the old printers cabinets. However it's not! 

It's in fact 2 doors, with shelves inside to hold all of our dvd's! The kids get one side, and we have one side. We still have to drill a whole in the back to so we can put our dvd player in the cabinet instead of on top of it, but we can get to that later.

For now I'm just thrilled to have this piece done and in place. I love the look and feel of it, and the effect is gives the whole space. I have a feeling you will be seeing more of this corner in our living room from now on!

Detail Breakout:
 Minwax - Special Walnut
 Rustoleum - Weathered Grey
 Hardware - DLawless Hardware