Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Paint Colors in Our House

Finally getting around to compiling a lovely little list for you of all the colors I've painted in my house. And since I'm currently in the process of painting a new room, this list will continue to be updated overtime. Let me just tell you, I love different colors of paint! Honestly, picking paint colors, or just looking at different paint colors is one of my favorite things to do. You could say I get a little obsessive about finding just the right color, in just the right shade, it can totally be a downfall for me, because it can take me longer to find that perfect shade of light tan-beige-kaki-grey, but the plus side is I will find it, and when I do I'm happier with the outcome. Most of these pictures you have probably seen before, but I find it easiest to share colors when you have a picture that goes with it!

  1st Color
 Shaker Beige : Benjamin Moore

2nd Color (current)

Grey Owl : Benjamin Moore
To read more about our kitchen transformation click here.

Downstairs Bath:
Tan Stripe : Shaker Beige (like in previous kitchen photo)
White Strip : Right off the shelf in the can white paint (no name sorry)
{You can read all about this project here}


Mindful Grey : Sherwin Williams
{To view this transformation click here.}

Dining Room:

Wood Smoke by: Glidden
Ok, so I know most of you are probably thinking, that looks exactly like the last color, Mindful Grey. But I assure it's not. It's just a bit darker than Mindful Grey, and you can see in the photo below because they are the two colors I painted my first strips with. 

Darker grey stripe : Wood Smoke
Lighter grey stripe : Mindful Grey
{To read about this project click here.}

Living Room:
 1st color
Wasabi Powder by: Behr
The perfect subtle shade of muted green. 
{To see the first before & after click here.}

2nd Color (current)

Halo by: Benjamin Moore
After longing for something more neutral, and not convinced I could go all white,
this did the trick for me. The perfect beige-grey, with subtle green undertones, that changes slightly depending on the lighting through out the day. I love it, and it will be here to stay for awhile. 
{To see more photos from this transformation click here.} 

Master Bedroom:

Abingdon Putty by: Benjamin Moore
{To read about our DIY Board & Batten click here.}

2 color (current)

Hazy Skies : Benjamin Moore

I know in photos it looks like the exact some color. However the 2nd color has more of a grey undertone. They are the same exact shade, Hazy Skies just has more of a grey feel to it.
To see our Master Bedroom click here.

Home Office:

Hazy Skies : Benjamin Moore
For more of our home Office details, check out this post.

Kids Room:

Jogging Path (lightened 50%) : Sherwin Williams
I really wanted a nice neutral grey for our kids room transformation. To get all the details about their shared space, check out this post.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Week's Top Pins

You might have seen on Facebook, but we are on full blown vacation mode this week. The hubby is off from work, and we are soaking up every bit of summer we can, and consuming lots of rest and family time. So far we have enjoyed an extended weekend at the beach, which was pure bliss to wake up to the sound of the ocean everyday! As well as lots of fun summer activities and day trips. Today I have some of my most recent favorite pins from Pinterest lined up for you. 
So just sit back and enjoy the eye candy! 
via : Birmingham Home & Garden

via : Joss & Main

via : Better Homes & Garden

via : Fason Blog

via : honestlywtf

via : honestlywtf

Friday, July 18, 2014

Get to Know Me!

I'm sharing over at Beneath my Heart today, a little bit more about myself. If you are new around here, or have seen glimpse's of our home on Instagram or Pinterest, I thought I would take some time to tell you a little bit more about myself. I know sometimes it's always hard to get to know someone you don't meet in person, and only see online. So today I thought I would give you guys a look behind the curtain. Stop by and say Hi!! I hope you are having a wonderful Summer!! We leave tomorrow for a mini - beach vacation,  and I will be sure to share some summer fun on Instagram (roomsforrent). If you are visiting from Beneath My Heart, WELCOME!! I hope you stay awhile and take a look around!

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Easy Fruit Pizza

I think anytime I see the word "easy" in front of a recipe, I always go for that one first. I would consider myself a moderately experienced cook/baker. I'm not too afraid of tackling a new recipe or something unfamiliar. Most importantly I like trying new things. However lets just be real here, mom to mom, when I'm cooking in the kitchen, there really isn't a whole lot of time to get my Julia Child on, when it says easy, and I have maybe 20 minutes, you've got my attention. I have been making this fruit pizza for almost 10 years now, it was one of the first recipes I "tweaked" due to my lack of experience back when I was a new wife with little kitchen experience. Also, back then I was never really a fan of pie crusts, that wasn't until two years ago when I decided for the love of baked goods I would finally make a crust from scratch, I will never go pack, never! But in this instance, I did not like pie crusts, and packaged, store bought ones were my friend. So today I'm sharing with you my version of the world's easiest Fruit Pizza, birthed in my very first apartment kitchen! I know there are a lot of versions out there, but I promise you my 3 yr old could make this, if I let her touch the oven :) First things first, to make a fruit pizza, you need a crust, and typically it's a pie crust. Insert my first "tweak", remove so-called pie crust, and replace with sugar cookies.

Now I have made this all ways before, pre-made cut outs, pre-made roll, homemade dough. Nothing is easier than the pre-made cutouts. I line my cookie sheet with foil, and place them in tight rows, because as it bakes I don't want there to be any gaps in between the cookies, 
so it will form a solid crust for the bottom.

I bake my cookies per package instructions, and usually add 1-2 mins to the time, because when they are touching they take a little longer to bake. While my cookies, I mean crust, is baking I slice up any fruit that needs to be cut. You can add any fruit you want to make it completely your own taste, but I said this was easy fruit pizza, so I'm using the quickest to prep fruit for mine today.


Once your crust is done, allow it to cool before the next step.
I then remove my crust from foil and place on desired serving tray, this step is not needed, but always makes for a prettier presentation.
Once cooled, I frost my entire crust with Strawberry cream cheese.

"Tweak" #2. I was not a fan of the gelatin that most recipes called for, or having to mix up anything. 
Again, I wanted simple, quick and easy.
So I went for something I liked. My favorite is cream cheese frosting, and what's better than strawberry cream cheese. It's like frosting, but already flavored and sweet!

Once I have "frosted" my crust, I begin to top with fruit. There are many different ways you can decorate the top of your fruit pizza, for some reason diagonal lines has always stuck for me.

Once you are finished, refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

Ingredients :

1 Package of pre-made Sugar Cookie
1 Package of strawberry cream cheese
1 Package of Fresh Strawberries
1 Package of Fresh Blueberries
1 bunch of Green Grapes
1 sm. can of Tangerines

Every time I serve this dessert, people are always going back for seconds. It's light, and fresh, but still satisfies that sweet tooth! I hope you enjoyed this easy Fruit Pizza, and I know you will enjoy it once you make it!

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